Our Cellar Door

The famous novelist JRR Tolkien once said that ‘Cellar Door’ was the most beautiful combination of words. We like to believe this is true because of the wine within the cellar door.

Welcome To Holland Wines Cellar Door

Be our guest at the Holland Wines Cellar door and experience something a little different. Taste our exquisite wines, each uniquely crafted to deliver the best flavour.

Explore our beautiful vineyard and discover a change of pace from the hustle and bustle of city life. Our winery delivers a humble experience, showing you the spirit of the outback.

Located 45 minutes from Toowoomba and 2 hours from Brisbane, a visit to Holland Wines makes for a nice Sunday drive. Taste the wine, stay for lunch, forever remember the experience.

You won't want to miss our extensive collection of rare tins.

We have the largest collection in Australia!

And you can browse through our gift shop while you are here.

Fresh from the Vineyard

The climate in Crows Nest provides for a unique tasting wine that you won’t experience anywhere else.

2017 Crows Nest Shiraz

Medium easy drinking red, with light tannin and pepper flavour not pronounced. That lingers on your palate after swallowing. This wine belnds well with meat dishes.

2013 Hains Shiraz

Our 2013 Hains Shiraz is interesting as unlike other wines of this category, it has body. This coupled with the light pepper and soft tenants leave you feeling content. You will be surprised by its velvet smoothness; this is definitely a wine to try.

2016 Ravishing Red

Our 2016 Ravishing Red provides a different experience. Despite it being a shiraz, it is often said that it tastes similar to a merlot. It is light, slightly sweet and fruity with no tenant or pepper flavour. 

Bobs Fortified

A matured slightly sweet port, made from a combination of aged shiraz and cabernet sauvignon, and is a pleasant alternative to the traditional ports.

2016 Rose`

Our 2016 Rose` is not sweet. It drinks similar to a light French festival style wine. It is easy to drink and great on a hot day as it will leave you feeling refreshed as it quenches your thirst.

2018 Sweet Red

A light slightly sweet shiraz with no tannin and pepper flavour pronounced. A pleasant flavour served cold or at room temperature. This wine also blends well with meat dishes.

2018 Sweet White

A soft refreshing sweet moscato, excellent as a dessert wine that’s best served cold and blends well with salad and seafood.

2018 Callum Chardonnay

Our 2017 Callum Chardonnay is unwooded and exhibits a soft flavour with character. It is an excellent drink on its own, but also blends well with pork and chicken. If you would like a real treat, try this delicious chardonnay with savouries and cheese.

2018 Pink Sparkling Moscato

Our 2018 Pink Sparkling Moscato will leave you with a tingling sensation on the tip of your tongue as hundreds of small bubbles wash over it. The wine is made from black Muscatel grapes and a ‘spritzig’ sparkling style is added to make it a vibrant, delicious drink.

We are Open to the Public

Address89 Pierces Creek Road, Crows Nest, Queensland 4355

Phone: (07) 4698 2277

8.30am – 4.30pm

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